“Become what you are.” -JPII.

Hel-LOW they-yah!

As my mini-bio says, I’m a young cradle Catholic in Richmond, VA trying to pray and listen my way through life. I am grateful for my wonderful family who helped God shape me.

What’s yo major?

English and studio art. I graduated a few years ago, so I don’t know what the moratorium is on identifying with your college major.

I had to drop art when I took an internship during my final semester of college. Bummer, huh? Yes, bummer. Oil painting, acrylic painting, water color, charcoal, and graphite pencil: I love and miss it all. When time allows, I get out my brushes and realize how rusty I have become!

This isn’t exactly art, but I make jewelry too.

What’s with the 7 Quick Takes Friday?

The wonderful Jenifer Fulwieler at Conversion Diary started putting together a post each Friday that included seven tiny posts. She says its for some silly reason like running after 4 kids under 7-years-old… She lets nobodies like me plant our link at the bottom of her post, broadening our audience.

What about the other sequential posts?

I teach religious ed to 1st graders once a week (I love them!) and Theology of the Body to teenagers once a month.


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