In my vlog the other day, I promised to get back in the swing of things on my blog. Having been out of the swing of things for so long, I’m playing catch up on things like tag-you’re-it blogging catalysts. Here’s one from Katie from NFP and Me and I’m hopping on this wagon!

The idea: 

  1. The first rule is to post these rules.
  2. Post a photo of yourself then write 11 things about you/your life. 
  3. Answer the questions for your set in the original post. 
  4. Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them. 
  5. Go to their blog/twitter to tell them you have tagged them.
I’m the white girl in teal. So serious.
My facts:
  1. Boring, but way too true to skip: I have an extremely close family. My family is a collective best friend body and it freaks out anyone who sees us hold hands even after the Our Father ends.
  2. Yes, I belong to one of those hand holding parishes and I like it! Yes, I know that it’s not necessary, but you know what? Sometimes it’s nice to feel like a community with those kinds of things figuratively even though we are One Body in Christ literally.
  3. My mushy gushy parish provided the backdrop and method for me to meet my wonderful boyfriend. Before we dated, we had a great friendship wherein I felt a higher level of comfort than I’ve felt with ANYONE. Nuclear family comfort is different and they will always remain in that best friend spot in my heart, but my beau nuzzled perfectly into this huge heart cave that God made for him. How nice of him to think I’m pretty and to kiss me occasionally, too.
  4. I love IMAX movies. My dad is a teacher, so we got him to ourselves for “Daddy School” during the summers and IMAX movies remind me of fond times escaping the heat waves by dipping into the IMAX Dome for a little learnin’. I can’t wait until this IMAX movie on Jerusalem comes out.
  5. I went to Disney World as a 9-year-old and then returned with my family as a 20-year-old. It still felt magical, a decade later. Even though I know it’s expensive and probably a huge headache for parents of young kids, I still want to bring my kids to Disney World at some point.
  6. I laugh out loud every single time I watch an episode of Psych. More often than not, I have to pause the episode because I’m laughing so hard I can’t see what’s going on.
  7. I’m stealing Katie’s first point and confessing that I cannot wink. I blink. I don’t wink. Those muscles are very confused.
  8. My favorite book of the Old Testament is Esther and has been ever since I randomly opened to and read it as a tween. I suppose it didn’t register that she had to sleep with the king when she wasn’t married (which probably would have blown my mind since, at that time, I thought it was UNDERSTOOD that thou shalt not have sex before marriage). I just concentrated on how brave she was to stand up for her entire community of people when some mean guy (probably with a warty nose and parrot on his shoulder) was trying to hurt them. I am woman, hear me roar.
  9. I’m addicted to Pinterest. Need I say more?
  10. Two of my favorite TV shows are completely different than anything I have in my daily life: World’s Toughest Fixes and Holmes Inspection. Gosh, I love those shows.
  11. I have wanderlust, but I’m extremely frugal. I’m also a compulsive planner without a spontaneous bone in my body. Terrible combination if you ask me, but I think this is one of God’s tests.

Questions I must answer: 

  1. Weirdest class you’ve ever taken? I didn’t stray too far from the norm with my classes, so the best I can do is a film studies class. We watched some weirdos in there and one scene from a B movie in particular still haunts my dreams.
  2. If you could only eat 2 foods ever again what would they be? Peanut butter and lasagna. Not together.
  3. What’s your go-to belt it out in the car song? “September” by Earth, Wind & Fire
  4. What’s the most OCD thing you do? I do a lot of OCD things, but one is that I canNOT deal with a piece of paper folded imperfectly. One little wedge of paper hanging off the end and I’m a loon.
  5. Favorite high school memory? Our class won a big traditional contest as juniors. Go Red and Gold!
  6. Won’t you share your opinion on camping? Love it or hate it? Like it! I haven’t done it in a long time. My only hang up on it right now would be fear of snakes. Once I’m in the tent, I’m having a great time.
  7. Weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten? This is relative, but I’m sure I’ve had some questionable meats at a few Chinese restaurants. 
  8. E-reader or real book reader and why? I prefer real books, but I read most of my books with my e-reader because it’s portable and I spent a lot of money on it…
  9. Favorite TV show currently on? I think Holmes Inspection is still on and I just can’t get enough of that show. Many of the “dates” I spend with my boyfriend involve that cheeky Canadian handyman.
  10. What’s your favorite award you’ve won? I won a leadership award from my summer swimming league team and the coach who awarded it to me said it was because I “lead by example with [my] quiet confidence.” Can’t do better than that!
  11. What’s your claim to fame? I invented Post-it notes.

Questions YOU must answer:

  1. Dream job? Forget your practical side. What would you really want to do?
  2. Bikini or Biki-no? πŸ˜‰
  3. What is a secret weird habit you have?
  4. What is your guilty pleasure movie?
  5. What is your guilty pleasure television show?
  6. What’s your favorite music genre? Be specific, don’t cop out.
  7. If you’re a Pinterestaholic, which kinds of things do you pin most of all?
  8. If you could change your middle name, what would you pick?
  9. Have you ever called in to a radio show and gotten through?
  10. Have you ever won a contest or giveaway? What did you win?
  11. What is your number one travel destination?
I laughed when I saw Katie tagged Pope Benedict and I’m looking forward to reading his contribution. For now I’m going to tag Christine (my sister), Hanna, Trista, Julie, Liesl, Melissa, and also the rest of #CathSorority.
Well, that was fun πŸ™‚