Of course, Jennifer Fulwiler, I’ll show you where I write! At the same time, I’ll share with you my new apartment!

I have the sincere delight to work from home. I didn’t realize how FORTUNATE I am until I travelled for about three weeks, moving from place to place, desk to desk, and power strip to power strip, trying to work. These were work trips, inconveniently shoved close together on the calendar, but they helped me appreciate the fact that I can wear pajamas everyday of the work week.

Coffee cup, obviously a necessity. I’m a duo-computer-wielding chickadee, as you can see. This inspiration-centre doubles as — and is typically used as — my day job workspace. ADD-fostering happens here.

This is my beautiful new bed with my beautiful new comforter. More often than not, I write my blog posts, diary entries, and attempts at creative writing from my bed. I like to be comfortable when I pick apart my own brain. Note: Nook for the win!

This is my new view. Not too shabby! I love my new space, but I have yet to get back on the ball with regular writing…. maybe this brag post will kick me into gear!

And finally: I ALWAYS have a notepad with me. ALWAYS. Sometimes I forget a pen, but whenever some to-do, a brilliant thought, or a reminder needs a home, I have the paper for it.