I am SO PROUD to announce that my brilliant beau is now a certified Professional Engineer! He is now known as Prince Charming, PE.

After a long, long, long two month stint of 200 pounds of engineering books, hours in a review classroom, and an eight-hour, butt-numbing test… not to mention the two month wait, he received his scores!

What a champion. I knew it!

His view from the stage
You know when you walk out of a great movie, hear a mind-blowing homily, or go to a comedy show and you can’t remember ANYTHING said? I know how you feel.
But I have to assume Jerry Seinfeld was hilarious last week when I saw him in Richmond because I woke up with sore abs and a tight jaw. My dimples were aching.
He doesn’t go to very many places when he tours for his comedy show, but he always seems to stop in Richmond at our Landmark Theatre (the Mosque, as we call it). Thank you, Jerry, for keeping it clean, for pointing out the nuances we all think about but can never articulate, and for entertaining me in my very own city!

About 5 minutes before their flirty snowball fight

My sister and I agreed, independently, that Beauty and the Beast is in great want of a five minute scene of Belle and the Beast falling in Love.

Brief synopsis covering about 15 minutes of the movie:

  • Belle finds her father in a dungeon
  • Beast takes Belle prisoner instead of father
  • Belle escapes, Beast finds her and fends off wolves
  • Belle and Beast are in love

Maybe I’m doing this wrong, but it doesn’t work that way for me.

Speaking of Disney movies that don’t portray Love accurately, I created a new pinboard and I think the ladies out there might enjoy it.


RunPee.com. Nuff said.

I just learned about this incredibly efficient use of the Internet and other people’s time to save your bladder and prevent you from wasting your $46 on a movie ticket. Brilliant.


Speaking of running… Kayla of The Alluring World and Emily of A Day in the Life and I are on a team. We’re virtual running buddies, motivating each other from afar to run and get into shape for our respective races.

I have a 10K run to look forward to on March 31, so if you could file away your prayers a little prematurely, me and my poor muscles would greatly appreciate it.

I ran this race last year, but I’m going to run it without stopping this year. I’m promising myself, and I never back down on a self-promise. The first line in my post from last year’s race is:

“Oh man, y’all. I rediscovered something about myself: I am not a runner.”

That will change, my friends. Care to join Kayla, Emily, and me?


After my accidental weeks-long break from blogging due to busyness, I think I made up for it this week with perhaps too many posts!

Our Deepest Fear – A short one that includes a quote that has been a necessary reminder for several years.

Chastity Carnal-val – I enjoy puns about chastity.

Carrying Baby Jesus into Christmas Mass – A call to action for all of us!

Lime spelled backwards – On the anniversary of my Emil Daddy’s death


The Bright Maidens came back strong this week! I hope you didn’t notice me skip out on the last one… if you didn’t, I’m telling you now.

This week we “reviewed” TLC’s new “reality” The Virgin Diaries. I enjoyed the responses, I hope you do too:

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Julie, “Kiss the Girl!”
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Katie, “Virgin ‘Diaries'” – The woman behind the topic idea.
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