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I didn’t post for Thanksgiving A) because I was enjoying time with my family and B) I prayed all of you were enjoying your Thanksgiving instead of reading blogs!

So……… I enjoyed time with my cousins, the Twinsies, and the rest of my family. They are almost a year old! I can’t believe it. I have a sliver of the feeling that I would feel if I was their mother, I’m sure.


Cyber Monday came and went without a penny spent by me. *Pats self on back*

I hear the best deals come later anyway. Plus, do I really need anything else?

(Check out if you’re considering buying some electronics or gadgets.)

Though I constantly resist the sales, I’m still enticed by some really delicious feeling of spending money, even though I HATE SPENDING MONEY.

I wrote this quick take on Wednesday… and Thursday I went on a spree… sigh.


How do you feel about the Victoria’s Secret show? I never had a very strong opinion about it, but it occurred to me that I probably should…

My short opinion: yes, they are objectifying women. Absolutely, though the women choose to and even DREAM of walking down that catwalk. They also dress it up with the fanciful, costume atmosphere that the fashion world is famous for.

Therefore, no, it’s not as bad as porn, but the subtlety allows more of the negative messages that discredit TOB to sneak by, under the guise of a carnival show.

Victorian Secret fashion show

Liesl introduced me to 1000 Awesome Things, such as when the first person starts the standing ovation. That person, if you look around next time you’re at a performance, is usually my father or my sister. I admire them for that because, unfortunately, I don’t think that will ever be me.

Check out their books for a dose of positivity in your Christmas shopping:

The Book of (Holiday) Awesome
The Book of Awesome


One thing I really love about my beau is also something that attracts a lot of playful teasing from my family and friends.

A cruel little game my family (and I) play is to name a movie, any movie, hoping to nail one of the 14 movies he’s seen (I’m kidding, my love 🙂 ). He’s seen more than 14, but probably less than 80.

Again, I love this about him. He spent his childhood DOING things instead of watching movies. He is an expert on almost everything handy or crafty (seriously, everything). I learn something new every single day and without the time to learn all of that, he wouldn’t be able to teach me the quirky, genius ways to fix things.

Plus, now we have the chance to watch some of my favorite movies together, should he wish to watch them.

He’s putting in surround sound in his living room so we can enjoy some movies together. 🙂

I still prefer our hiking and travel outing most of all.


I just watched Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and …. the first thing I thought of when the Dentist took out the teeth of the Abominable Snowman was, “Eugenics!”

As we know, the delightful founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, was a strong voice in the eugenics movement. She advocated for birth control and sterilization to clean up the human race (taking out the “mentally inferior” and black), treating fertility like a disease.

Now here we have this gigantic, fearsome (misunderstood?) monster whose unappealing feature is his man-and-reindeer appetite and accompanying teeth. Pop, pop, pop. Get those things out of there. Presto-chango, he’s tame and puts stars on your 15 ft. Christmas trees at the end of a leash.

Are you picking up what I’m putting down? To clarify: I’m not accusing the writer of Rudolph of supporting eugenics, nor am I belittling serializing to removing a monster’s teeth.


Do you think Santa picked up a Canadian accent up there?