Truly quick quick takes: The fun DIYs I’ve discovered recently, in pictures!

This lovely lady made her wedding dress out of vintage curtains!
Homemade laundry detergent: $6.00 for 576 loads. Uh, yes please.
DIY decoupage, just in time for Christmas crafting!
Step-by-step how to install under-the-sink shelves. It’s enough to make me want to clean…
Closet dividers made from old CDs. Wow, this is like chocolate for my OCD palette. Not only do I have a use for those old CDs, but I can organize my closet again and again!
Want the light in the background of a depth-of-field photo to appear in shapes? DIY it! For the non-photogs out there, the contraption that makes this possible is called a bokeh.
Vinegar runs at about $1 for a gallon. That squashes any competition for chemical cleaners and now you have a list of 45 uses for the cheaper alternative. No brainer, PLUS you can pretend you are your grandmother as you clean everything you can find with vinegar.