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How’d I do? Two weeks of a blog desert and then I hit you with five posts in one week!


Did you know that contraception is a 3000-year-old practice? Yeah, Ancient Egyptians would put animal dung inside a woman’s body and use other methods to maker her womb uninhabitable. Centuries later, physicians concocted potions and spermicides that often sterilized or killed the woman. Talk about preventing pregnancy…
Many people have staunchly challenged me by saying NFP is the same thing as contraception. I can never come up with a sufficient explanation to rebut this inaccuracy. Jason does a great job of explaining Dr. Janet Smith’s analogy of bulimia and dieting as they reflect the difference between contraception and NFP. Check it out!
Haunted houses confuse me. You willfully enter a house with the promise that someone in there is PAID to scare the poo out of you. And then their co-worker does it again.
I posted my first YouTube video this week!

And at the end of it I invite you (especially young women) to email the Bright Maidens with your own video, introducing yourself, and we’ll post it to the channel. Then we can get this #Cathsorority project started, gathering young, female voices of triumph for Christ and His Church!


Guys, I didn’t forget about you. Far from it, I actually called you out a little. I mean it well and I say it because Jesus trusted you with this message first:

“It is my wish, then, that in every place the men should pray, lifting up holy hands, without anger or argument.” – 1 Timothy 2:8


You may have remembered that I traveled to the Seattle area a few weeks ago. Here is your first peek into what I did there! The lovely Allie Terrell has graciously hosted me on her blog where I wrote about a cathedral my beau and I visited in Victoria Canada.

Delight over the unique mesh of Native Canadian art and traditional Victorian decorations!


Next week the Bright Maidens will tackle the admittedly tough subject of scapulars. This is a very Catholic-specific topic and my research is leading me in some interesting directions. Whether you like them, hate the, don’t understand them or make them in your spare time, I hope you join us on Tuesday!

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