I told you I’d be back and I think this week proves it. I feel compelled to apologize for the blogging overload, but then I immediately say to myself, “HEY, you are back in the groove. Apologize not for your grooviness.” Then I wonder why I talk like Yoda when I talk to myself.

I’m over at VirtuousPla.net today, pointing a big ol’ finger at the men in this world. Yes, YOU! Bonus: I doctored a Superman photo and created SuperCathDude, complete with Vatican symbol on the chest. Glory! — UPDATE: The links are fixed now.
Calling all young men with a blossoming Love for Christ! Your time has come, brothers. You have been called up.

“It is my wish, then, that in every place the men should pray, lifting up holy hands, without anger or argument.” – 1 Timothy 2:8

We need you and your manliness to take one for the team and be Catholic dudes. Step out of the blogosphere every day and be Catholic dudes for lost and struggling dudes.

Abs-olution of steel!

We need men to step up unabashedly and show us why even the best examples of men in the media fall short of what we deserve and what our world deserves. Yes, we’re human, but that doesn’t mean we should aim to eat from the dumpster when there’s a feast waiting in heaven (source: Jason Evert).

Barney from How I Met Your Mother: Please, men, show us how satirical this terrible example is for men. Show us how his hyperbolic “player” ways are insulting to men and women alike every time he tricks a woman into going home with him and proceeds to talk about it like he won a little league trophy.

Gibbs from NCIS: Believe me, I am definitely a fan of this man and his stoic heroism, but he’s not the best male figure on TV. He got married three times after his true love, his first wife, was murdered. He avenged the murders of his wife and daughter in a brutal, execution-style sniping. This man takes morality into his own hands, following his own rule book. Men, we need you to show us how affirming humility and vulnerability before your Father are.