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Pie-crust promises.

Part delicious, part dangerous.

It’s been about three weeks since I used my first “Sorry, I’ll be back in full throttle soon, just hang in there,” excuse card. Here is some “proof” that I really will be back in full throttle after my GRE. These are a few of the posts I’m working on right now:


Women, body image, and Christianity. In our pursuit of confronting major spiritual obstacles affecting Catholic women, we forgot about the things that affect us everyday! I know this has been a major tool in the Devil’s toolbox against ME, so I’m writing about it.


Neither parties will do our job. Yeah, that’s right, I’m going political for a second.


My Mt. Ranier epiphany.

I forgot to ask permission from his FACE.


Church facts I learned this year. This was fun to create and I’m still working on it for my one-year blogaversary.


A fresh take on NFP. No, really. I think it will be interesting, but I can’t reveal the topic.


“Choose Life” vanity plates in Virginia. I see yellow everywhere.