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Folks, I’m traveling around the great Northwest right now. Therefore, I’m going to cop out and give you a photo tour of my last few days here…


Keep it classy, SkyMall. This is the adult equivalent of dental headgear. Part helmet, part Rogaine machine. You never get bored looking through the airline magazines.


Co-workers, ten pins, and a microbrewery. See your nearest channel guide for listings.


Yes, I worked on my Mac in the building across from Microsoft’s headquarters. That one’s for you, Steve Jobs!


My beau and I walked around Pike’s Place Market where we found the most GORGEOUS bouquets of flowers I have ever seen. These could be bridal bouquets and they were between $5 and $15 a bundle! The picture doesn’t do them justice.


Does anyone else see a TOB metaphor here?


Cell phone camera… booooo… this is Mt. Ranier. The mountain that contributed to one of the most beauty-filled days of my young life.