I’m over on VirtuousPla.net again today with a post about how my grandmother’s strength taught me how to be a Catholic woman.

Hello, my name is Elizabeth and I’m repressed. I’m a Catholic woman, after all.

The Bright Maidens movement blossomed out of refuting this very concept. The original conversation between the Bright Maidens was a revolutionary chat ending with “How dare they tell us we’re stifled!? We’ll show them!”

We bought ink by the barrel, *ahem* pixels by the terabyte, and decided to share with the world that Catholicism preserves the Truth and the Truth doesn’t discriminate.

Those who dare to call me repressed (oh, you’d better watch out now!) tell me I am a part of a faith that wants to tie an apron around my waist, keep me from preaching or leading a parish, prevent me from seeking independence from pregnancy, and stay put in the kitchen, silent and subservient.

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