Yesterday I published on about how to enjoy World Youth Day from the comfort of your normal national borders. Some of us were unable to venture to Madrid for World Youth Day this year, but we still get to celebrate in the New Evangelization:

Planted and built up in Jesus Christ, firm in the faith” (cf. Col 2:7)

Happy World Youth Day! Jesus Christ is risen and He asks us to share His message of Love with everyone we can.
Right now, more than a million people (youth in age and at heart) have descended on the Spanish city of Madrid in various assorted Catholic t-shirts, carrying countless rosaries, and meeting new people who join in the Hail Mary with funny accents.
This is me, avoiding jealousy.’s very own TristaFabi, and Marc are over in Madrid celebrating World Youth Day among the funny accents and I’m sure you wait in anticipation for their stories! While we sit here in America, let us not twiddle our thumbs. Let’s have a stay-cation World Youth Day!”