He really did! No, he did not point in my general direction. He pointed DIRECTLY AT ME, looked me DIRECTLY IN THE EYE, and sang the chorus to “Just to See You Smile” RIGHT TO MY FACE.

I was about three feet from the end of his pointing finger.

This is no mistake. Tim McGraw. Pointed. At. Me.

That is all I can think about as I look at these photos from the night. Forgive me, I only have a cell phone camera and an SLR. I lost my mom’s sunglasses during the concert, so I’m really glad I decided not to bring my SLR.

This was about 60 seconds before he sang to me.

The Band Perry — I adore them!
Luke Bryan
He was a lot of fun!
The man, the myth, the legend: Tim McGraw

Is this related to Catholicism? Nope. Did I have an amazing time watching the talent that God gave these people utilized about a yard from my face? Yes. Now it’s related.