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he Little Mermaid has always been my favorite Disney Princess movie until a college freshman friend told me that “those who love the Little Mermaid have a deep-seeded, unquenchable satisfaction. They can’t be happy where they are.” Thank you freshman year, Psych 101.

Well, it’s official. I’m Ariel, according to Disney itself! Their description sounds nothing like that of the 18-year-old friend of mine:

My favorite part is “just a bit headstrong.” Nuh uh!


n my July-is-for-saving-money vein:

That is all.


n my July-is-for-saving-money vein:

I used a gift certificate from here to go to a restaurant, saved more than 50% (well, I only spent about $4 for $25 of a $44 bill and someone special wouldn’t let me pay for the rest). I’m glad I saved that much because I also ruled out that restaurant as a NEVER GO THERE AGAIN place.


ore July-is-for-saving-money: and


hat have I noticed? This saving-money experiment is actually wreaking havoc on my brain. I can’t stop thinking of ways to save money and that’s starting to bug me.

Also, I keep finding myself prepared to buy something, just because I have a coupon. That’s no good, the idea was to SAVE money. Beware of that.


ur birthday present to my father was tickets to the Darius Rucker concert here in Richmond and it was a BLAST. What a beautiful, talented man!

It was about 90 degrees when the sun finally went down, so we were pretty toasty. For your information (and playlist-making pleasure), he played the following set list:

  • Love will do that
  • Alright
  • All I want
  • Don’t think I don’t think about it
  • The craziest thing
  • I got nothin’
  • I only wanna be with you (from Hootie and the Blowfish days)
  • Southern state of mind
  • Let her cry (from Hootie and the Blowfish days)
  • You never even called me by my name!
  • It won’t be like this for long
  • Space Cowboy (Steve Miller Band)
  • This
  • Come back song
  • Family tradition (Hank Williams)
  • History in the making
  • In a big way 
  • One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor (no idea…)
  • Purple rain (yes, THAT Purple Rain, by Prince)

Before the concert began, my family and I made lists of six songs we “bet” he would play. The winner got to pick the ice cream cake flavor…. my dad won! I guess he knows Darius best.


ll of the Bright Maidens and Bright Men who contributed this week had interesting takes on the topic of Tattoos! Read below or see here:

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Julie is still working on hers and I’ll post it when she has it!

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