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in’t this the truth?

Me: “The Vatican needs a new webmaster.”
Julie: “Yeah, it’s probably a cardinal being punished.”

It turns out that they might have a new webmaster, as the site looks slightly different… Here is Brandon’s (The Thin Veil) reflection on the NEW Vatican news website. Follow Brandon on Twitter, too!

ow cool is our Pope? Pope Benedict XVI tweeted about that NEW news site for the first time this week from the Vatican News Twitter handle, @News_va_en.
And what from what did he Tweet? An iPad.
 I guess that settles any debate about Mac vs. PC, right?


ne of the treasures of college that I miss the most is history and art history classes.

 Enjoy this video as it scans through 500 years of female portraits.

Ahhh culture, I love it.


f you have yet to learn about the University of Seattle’s permitting Planned Parenthood on campus for student internships, please read here. To sign the petition, click here.

When it comes down to it, this is a CATHOLIC university. 
There are probably professors and students at the university who support abortion on principle or in general. There are people on campus (or who know about the issue from anywhere in the nation) who support abortion… this doesn’t matter. 
Disclaimer: I don’t think many people hold this opinion anymore.

This is not a political issue because this is a Catholic university. It receives funding from the Catholic Church, a body that opposes abortion and supports LIFE in every doctrine of its Magisterium.
Some Planned Parenthood offices cannot perform abortions. However, the organization funds all of its offices; all of that money is bloody. This university should become a public institution before it allows this publicly funded firm to offer opportunities on its campus.
I wrote my “Judgement for bloggers” post three days before I published it this week. I think it’s well-timed because this is a topic that ruffles a lot of feathers. We who oppose abortion should always choose to love the women who have abortions and love those who hold a pro-abortion opinion. 
I love them, but I hate the sin. I hate how many people in my generation are not around today because of organizations like Planned Parenthood. I’m not going to keep my mouth shut on this one.

hat was heavy. Please enjoy this mental break:


y goals for July:

*Carve out the time to read and comment on more of YOUR blogs.
*Attempt to use a coupon or discount on every single thing I buy this month (attempt) and add up the savings, just to pat myself on the back.


eminder! The Bright Maidens are tackling the topic of “tattoos” on Tuesday!

If you haven’t participated in a Bright Maidens post before, please join us! Write a little blurb that approaches the topic, grab our image here, and post the link to your POST on our Facebook wall on Tuesday!

Tattoo Tuesday… it has a nice ring to it!

The last topic was “Catholic Modesty” and it turned out really well! Lots of dicussion. Check out the full list of posts here.

Sure enough, Simcha offered her hilarity for the modesty debate (coincidence).

Sneak preview:

“It’s true that women have a responsibility to dress decently so as not to deliberately provoke lust in men. But they do not have a responsibility to make it impossible for men to lust after them.”