My sister often touts the message, “Anxiety is the opposite of grace.”

s a follow up to my Christian Commitophobia post, let’s talk about the red flags the prop up when commitophobia rears it’s spiky head.

You may know that I’m dating a wonderful man (I doubt you know how wonderful). Before him, whenever I was dating someone, I would seize up with a severe case of the “what-ifs.” 
What if he’s not as great as he seems? What if I get sick of him? What if he gets sick of me? What if I find someone better when we’re dating? What if I miss out on who God wants me to find because I date this guy?
I would find lots of little excuses to end the relationship before it got serious, before anyone got a chance to be intimately hurt by the relationship.
In many cases, I’m very grateful for those mental pokes of “what if?” However, several months ago a friend pointed out that some of those spikes of fear can come from the devil.
Think about this: Satan’s objective is to steer as many souls away from God as possible. If two good Christians who mesh well come together for the extension of God’s message of Love, the devil may lose out on innumerable souls.
A successful Christian marriage is a testimony for God and touches hundreds of souls, both directly and indirectly.
YIKES, we can’t have that!” says the devil.
Approach your romantic relationships with God in every moment. Keep prayer at the forefront of your relationship so you can take your time to realize if the doubts come from God or from the devil.
Another friend mentioned recently that thinking, “What do I know about loving a man?  I shouldn’t even try this,” cannot be from God.
My inevitable Christian commitophobic anxiety about my current boyfriend came several months before we started dating. I maintained the friendship with him during that time, keeping the anxiety at bay, until my confidence overpowered the doubts.
I’m always learning how to better listen to God and discern His plan for my life.

One lesson I’ve learned in this dating portion of my life is that the devil doesn’t want couples who will help advance God’s message to exist. Those successful relationships strengthen God’s presence and he will do whatever he can to prevent them from growing.
If you’re feeling those pangs of doubt and fear, ask yourself if it’s because you’re worried it won’t be successful.

….Or are you worried that it will be successful? If the second, ask God to help you banish that devil out of your thoughts.