merging adult. That’s my new title.

I’m not a full adult (except in the eyes of the Church, government, and Hogwarts, of course) because I am an in-between-er.

Clark University psychology professor Dr. Jeffrey Jensen Arnett calls phenomenons like me (those in their 20s) members of the category emerging adulthood.”

Arnett identifies five qualities of people like me:

  1. They are searching for their identity and exploring different options
  2. Their lives are unstable
  3. They are self-focused, meaning they are not yet beholden to anyone
  4. They feel “in-between” adolescence and adulthood
  5. It’s a time of remarkable optimism.

Here is my response, AKA, “nuh-uh”:

1) I know my identity (daughter of God, one in His Church), but I’m still learning about myself.
2) My life isn’t unstable, but I don’t own my own house.
3) I feel pretty beholden to my family, if do say so, but I don’t have my own kids.
4) I don’t feel “in-between,” but do live in my parents’ house and I am unmarried.
5) Bingo, I feel pretty optimistic.

1 out of 5.

Maybe the 6th quality is “They have a picky nature and choose to debate key points until they like what they hear.” I could accept that; I have a “pet peeve” tag on my blog, for crying out loud.

What are your thunks?