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Coolest stumbleupon gift of the week: a color palette generator. Upload or paste the URL of a photo on which you want to base your room and it spits out a color palette. DUDE.


I feel the pressure. I feel it and I’m trying to decide whether or not to give into it.

I am, of course, referring to the WordPress pressure. The general consensus is that WordPress is a more attractive and versatile host blog format and I agree that it looks more professional.

But what a pain in the buttocks. I’m trying to teach myself how to build something I can live with. I’m not going to switch over until/unless I like it. If I can’t figure it out, I’m going to be a petulant child, take my ball, and go home.

Booooo. (If you clicked the link and you want to give me a lashing for the boredom I put you through, please comment below).

I don’t own the rights.

In the last several months, this picture from Sound of Music has brought a hefty amount of traffic to my blog. How, you ask? The magic word:

Pininterest. And now I’m hooked.

It’s an image-grabbing, link-bookmarking, theme-organizing tool you can access by logging in. I have no idea how they make money. I click “Pin It” on my bookmark bar at least once a day and save those pictures I would otherwise forget about.

My mind is easily stimulated by images. Most of my ideas come to me in the form of images, which I translate into words. This is going to revolutionize my idea basket.


We hear about priestly discernment, we hear about nun-ly discernment, until we said goodbye to Homeboy McCoy, we read about monk-ly discernment…

What about the Diaconate? Ask Joel of The Practicing Catholic.


I’m not sure if I’ve been honest with y’all. There’s something I need to disclose, otherwise we cannot be pseudo-bloggy friends:

I’m a Grobanite.

My birthday present, which I just got to enjoy on Tuesday, was a private box at my THIRD Josh Groban Concert. I’ve found him swoon-worthy since high school and the feelings haven’t faded. What’s not to love?

He’s adorable, hilarious, goofy, geeky, and he has a killer voice. It was a wonderful night with my family, great family friends and my (trooper) wonderful beau. He said he enjoyed it (and I really believe you…), but I know Josh Groban is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Thank you all!


Please share it.


Didya hear? We have a topic for this Tuesday, June 21!! The topic is for EVERYONE because it affects EVERYONE in different ways.

“Catholic Modesty.”

I can’t wait to read yours!