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Think your grudges are tiny enough not to matter? Think that because you’re in the right and someone else is in the wrong that you’re justified in withholding forgiveness?

“Many people have been asking me, ‘What can I do for you? Please, I’ll do anything.’ Well, here’s what you can do for me. Every single one of you: please, if there’s anyone in your life who you haven’t accepted, whom you haven’t forgiven, or against whom you hold a grudge, please, accept them. Forgive them. Let go of the grudge. Love them. This is how you can help me, this is what you can do for me. This is how we can share Christ’s love with the world.”

A wise, strong woman uttered these words (paraphrased) today at the podium in a Cathedral. She was standing next to her eldest son, looking out onto a sea of family and friends, pleading with them to show and share true Love.

She wanted all of us in the congregation to release the grip that the devil often places on us.

This is how we could help her, she said…

…on this the day of her teenage son’s funeral.