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As much as it pained me, I removed the Feedjit (live, who-is-here-now, creeper feed) from my blog. I know it made some people uncomfortable, as much joy as it brought to me. Farewell, old friend!


I was in Denver this week and saw some weird things in rooms that don’t tend to shock their inhabitants. Another thing I forgot to mention about these wacky bathrooms is that they had loud music playing in them at all times.

I decided I liked the music. It eliminated the awkward “I just saw you close the stall while I’m washing my hands so I’ll get out of here as fast as possible” moments and I heard several songs that made me dance… in a bathroom.


The wedding was a BLAST! I have never had so much fun at a wedding (each wedding gets better and better, so maybe it’s the fresh memories that make them so fun). The bride was beautiful, the groom was handsome, the bridesmaids wore purple Converse low-tops at the reception… a good time was had by all!

I don’t own the rights.

I love that Sacrament!!

One thing struck me today when I learned that my kindergarten teacher’s husband died. When a woman marries a man, she commits to him as well as to the pain that she will most likely feel when he’s gone.

It’s a beautiful sacrifice for Love. When you marry someone in your 20s, chances are you’re many years away from that pain. However, it comes with the Sacrament and with the commitment.

The vocation of marriage became even more beautiful to me after realizing that.


Speaking of the vocation of marriage…

Kendra, aka The Nerdy Wife, wrote an open letter to her fiance. Check it out!

For those who are married, do you wish you had written a letter like this before you got married? Did you write a letter like this?


Remember the sniglets from several months ago?

Too Kool. Holla city!

My sister has another contribution to make. My father has always said, “bummer,” or “bummer city” instead of “that is a disappointing outcome.” To those who say, “that is a disappointing outcome,” please consider substitution.

Christine started saying “holler,” or “holla” instead of saying “that excites me.” To those who said, “that excites me,” please see above.

She combined them. When you really want to celebrate, but you can’t start singing Kool and the Gang in the middle of class or a meeting, consider “holler city.” If you’re really cool, please advance to “holla city.”


Did you know no words in the English language rhyme with the words angel, angst, breadth, bulb, depth, eighth, month, ninth, orange, purple, scalp or twelfth? Me either.

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I think we maintained our cool (mine and Trista’s are here; Julie is still getting settled back in the US!) when conquering the issues with Mr. Lindenman’s article, “On Dating Nice Catholic Girls.”

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