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I had the distinct pleasure of meeting, in person, Bryan of Calling All Witnesses on Thursday! He was in my city for work, so we met up at daily Mass. He got a micro-tour (sorry, Bryan, you only saw about 8 blocks of my fair city) and some Eucharist at Ascension Thursday Mass.

Woooohooo blog friends!


I was stumblingupon things… and I found this explanation of how men and women see colors differently. Enjoy:

I don’t own the rights…to time…

I have always wondered why Google still tells us how long it took it to search for your requested term. Do they think we’re keeping track of that? Do they think we can know the difference between a 0.45 and 0.48 second search?

And for that matter, why does it take it 0.03 seconds longer to search? In this instant-gratification world, is this our hang up?


This weekend marks a VERY important weekend in the lives of many of my dearest friends. One of my best friends is entering into the Sacrament of marriage on Saturday. I cannot WAIT to see the plan God has in store for these two, beautiful Christians!

She loves pink, but I’m told it’s not going to be this bad.

And boogie at their reception. But Sacrament first, par-TAY later.

This is for my ladies out there (Casey, this doesn’t get to apply to you this weekend):
The origin of the genius

Have a blessed Feast of the Ascension! The King is Risen!

Read Stacy Trasancos‘ unique take on the feast, “Let us escalate love?”


I’m sorry we were late announcing the next Bright Maidens topic… as a reminder, the topic will be “On Dating Nice Catholic Girls.” This is different than our dating post from a while ago because we’re starting by reacting to this article on Patheos, which boiled our blood.

Watch out, y’all. Bright Maidenson a rampage. Join us!