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Catholic World Missions just started following me on Twitter, so I checked ’em out. It looks like a great project! See what they’re raising money for in Central America here!

It’s not this bad.

Spring cleaning has taken over. Not in the “now I’m up to my elbows in efficiency and a crazy craving to clean,” but the “I know I need to clean like a madwoman, but I just can’t muster up the umpf to do it right now, thanks though” way.

I really need to get to that…


I’m inviting everyone, because the “rules” said I could only tag three in the post, to do your own “My favorite scripture verses” post. I know I could use some more time with my nose in a Bible and this was a great, quick exercise for that.


In one week, one of my best friends marries her best friend! This has been a beautiful love to witness from the sidelines and I can’t wait to see them enter the Sacrament!


(I don’t own the rights)

Speaking of weddings… I saw Bridesmaids this week. Maybe I’m turning into a huge prude (what’s so wrong with that?), but it was so unbelievable gross and crude that I’m going to go ahead and recommend that no one go see it.

Did I laugh a bunch? Heck yes. Did I laugh to keep from crying? Heck yes.

Do I wish I could get some of the images and dialog out of my head? Oh, yeah, you got it.


Wow, do I have to say anything about this photo? The title is “Squirrel hit with snowball.”

These guys own the rights.

The next Bright Maidens topic will be “On Dating Nice Catholic Girls.” This is different than our dating post from a while ago because we’re starting by reacting to this article on Patheos, which boiled our blood.

Watch out, y’all. Bright Maidenson a rampage. Join us!