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I wanted to write another Google poetry post, so I’ve been gathering all of the search terms that bring searching souls to my blog… things like “fat man in bathtub,” “belly button boy child,” “awesome eucharist,” “how to find your soulmate book,” and “theology of the body for teenagers created for love” bring Googlers everywhere to my posts.

However, I’ve seen a VERY high influx of people who arrive on my Beyaz post through Google. Here are most of the search terms related to the silly, silly commercial for a chemical that so many women introduce into their bodies.
I would like to say these women stayed and read the whole post, but alas. Most of them clicked away within a few seconds.
All we can do is speak about love (true love that is free, total, faithful, and fruitful) and pray it gets to some ears. Right? I have to keep telling myself that.

beyaz you may never know what you want tomorrow
is beyaz good for you
beyaz commercial sad
beyaz tylenol
beyaz abortion
what weeks of beyaz are you protected
bayer birth control commercial feminist beyaz
switching from yaz to beyaz
is that a live bird in the beyaz commercial
beyaz and stomach ache
achiness on beyaz
for beyaz do i start the second pack even though i haven’t had my cycle yet
does anyone like beyaz?
is beyaz an abortifacient
beyaz it’s good to have
bayer Contraceptives OR Contraception OR Birth-Control
beyaz call doctor if
beyaz yeast infection
beyaz hair loss
beyaz unsafe also?
beyaz wrong message
do you still ovulate if you take beyaz for a week
got pregnant on beyaz
can beyaz birth control cause hair growth on my face
beyaz abortifacient effects
how long do you have to be on beyaz before you can stop being safe
can you take tylenol with beyaz