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>Please excuse the cop-out… but I have to sum up New Mexico in pictures… cell phone pictures, at that. What was the #1 bummer of my trip out west? Having a beautiful, expensive Canon Rebel SLR camera and leaving it at home.

Because taxes are due tomorrow and I might do a more fun (funner-er?) write up about my time in the Land of Enchantment, how’s aboooot if’n I chuck these pictures up here and open it up for a caption contest?

Include the number and a caption for the corresponding photo for the grand prize of making me and other readers smile!

1 — White Sands, NM

2 — More White Sands

3 — I think you know this Lady.

4 — On the way to Cloudcroft, NM

5 — This was a scary, skinny road in a mountain range…

6 — More scary, skinny road photos.

7 — Gettin’ mah hurrr did.

8 — I wanted to take that lady home with me.

9 — The git’up.

10 — I could not have loved my up-do more.

11 — I have no idea where this is…

12 — 36 hours after she did my hair…

13 — Please have fun with this one.

I don’t want to post pictures of the bride or other people because they didn’t sign a waiver… that would be rude. I’m sorry to post so many of me, but I just couldn’t get enough of what that woman did with my hair.

When I sat down in that chair, I said, “I’d like this and this. Don’t bother curling it because my hair has never held a curl longer than an hour.” She had the last laugh because here we are a full 36 hours after she did my hair and I could be in a toddler pageant with these bouncy ringlets.

Overall, my mom and I had a beautiful week and met a lot of beautiful, wonderful people. I got to see my oldest friend marry the love of her life surrounded by people who love her.

We’ve come a long way from the days of buzzing around the soccer field, following the ball like seven-year-old bees to a flower. This week was one, long defining moment in my life that told me: “Hey, you’re a grown up now. These are the new teaching moments in your life. Listen up!”

I look forward to reading your captions!