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Thank you for your prayers last week! My Gramma passed away on Sunday.

One of my cousins was in Europe for the semester and I am so grateful that we had the means to fly her home in time to see my Gramma before she passed. I can already feel the bond tightening a little between our families.

My favorite picture of her.

I definitely know my way around a funeral home now and the most distinctive observation I can make is how much good pours out of situations like this. When there is sorrow and a thirsting need for love, people step up.

It is beautiful to look in the refrigerator and count the number of people who loved us with their ovens, or to stand at the funeral and watch friends who interrupted their days to comfort you at the wake or funeral.

I woke up early on Sunday morning with no prompt. Yet, as I stared at the ceiling, I knew she was “one in that number” of saints in heaven. I could feel it.

I doubt Rome will ever canonize her, but I can safely say she was the holiest and most incredible woman I’ve ever known. It’s my job to insert her -isms and her habits into my own life.

I wrote about her in our first Bright Maidens week.


As you read this, I am in New Mexico preparing to be a good bridesmaid and aide for my best friend from middle school. This is a spunky, beautiful woman with a lot of spice, so I’m sure the wedding will be very joyous!

I am not sunburned anymore.

The Bright Maidens had a great week! We were featured by the Pulp.It, the National Catholic Register, and New Advent — thank you all!

Trista, Julie and Elizabeth (I?) are very happy to announce that we have picked our final post topic… for the Lenten season. We’re even happier to announce that we will be continuing the Bright Maidens series on a bi-monthly basis and we want you to join us!

First things first, our topic this Tuesday will be “why we chose Catholicism.”All of us are cradle Catholics, but everyone has a conversion story. We’re going to tell ours.

Secondly, we will not be posting on April 26, but we will be posting on May 3. We’ll announce the topic and the date for our future posts on the FACEBOOK PAGE. It is important you “like” us if you want to participate because you will need to post a link to YOUR posts there.

Let’s say our first communal topic is: Our favorite ice cream and of which book in the Bible it reminds us…. You write your post before the correct Tuesday (after seeing the announcement on the Facebook page) and post the link to our wall! Easy Peasey. If you any questions, email me.

I had to miss my 1st grade religious education class this week because of my Gramma’s wake.

1. Two beautiful friends joined me at the wake along with a host of wonderful people celebrating my grandmother’s life. 2. We still went to our weekly burger and beer night where… 3. My friend and co-teacher handed me a stack of folded yellow construction paper.

The little boy who looks like Rolfe (if you don’t know which Rolfe… oy vey) had asked her if the class could make some cards for me to tell me how “sarey” they are that my “grandmuther did” (died).

It was the CUTEST present I have ever received and I’m bummed I can’t share it with you because I’m not in Virginia… sometime soon.

My beautiful mother accompanied me on this trip to New Mexico. We landed in Roswell (in a plane and I have yet to see an alien). Enjoy this building painted near the McDonald’s:

And we drove to another town a few hours away. What a completely different climate and progression of scenery!

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