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Head colds are for losers. This loser’s “How to survive a month-long cold:”


Look at creative pictures a fun dad took of his giggly daughters.

Rights belong to Jason Lee

Don’t miss the one about baby pooping faces.


Overdose on Vitamin C, H2O and echinacea because two weeks from now, you’re expected to be perky, smiling, and looking well-rested.

The theme was ARrrgh Matey! meets Luck O’ the Irish

I’m a bridesmaid in two weeks! Another good friend of mine is getting married in about two months, so when I saw the title for this post, “It’s about the Experience: A Post that Will Probably Be Uninteresting to Those Not Planning Weddings,” I was paradoxically intrigued.

This young bride dated her now-husband for 5 years before they got married. They also waited until their wedding day for their first kiss…. whoa. That takes some serious commitment…

She’s a Catholic blogger, but she has some interesting disagreements with some of the teachings of the Church. I disagree with her on many points, but if you can’t read something you disagree with, you have a hard time getting along with new people.


Avoid staying up until 1:00am to finish a post about when God V8-smacked you in the forehead.


In a cloudy state of mind, attempt to do a write-up about how two saints picked you and are now making your worst faults abundantly clear to you. Proceed to confession and Mass.

Reminder: next week’s Bright Maiden‘s post is about our “issues with the Church.” Scandalous? Perhaps.

Watch The Sound of Music for the 470th time with someone who has never seen it before. Launch a thorough Child Services investigation into said person’s childhood, looking for other instances of child abuse or neglect.
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Additionally, realize that you no longer want to fast forward through “Something Good” because it’s adorable instead of “ew gross, stop kissing.”


Get your blood boiling by reading baby “feminists” grace the world with their misinterpretations and conclusion-jumping.  
This blog written by self-proclaimed “feminists” at my alma mater makes me laugh and angers me at the same time. The writer misconstrued the Catholic Campus Ministry’s man-treat that was held last weekend frightfully.
Preview: “Tell me what, is an unmanly world? One with women in it?”
The Man-treat’s poster and catalyst for feminist rage

Good grief.

The school newspaper and the blog writer failed to do their homework. The man-treat was to talk to men about an epidemic amongst young men: pornography addiction. Pornography objectifies women; if the newspaper or this blogger had asked questions instead of jumping to conclusions, they might have understood and applauded the effort of this retreat.

Beware: if you click, you will be tempted to comment. Remember to remain composed, unlike one of the male, Catholic commenters who reduced himself to insulting.


Spend way too many hours cleaning out your inbox… and then admit it to the world. Five thousand unsorted emails are now neatly tucked away in folders. I have totally clean inboxes… until you comment…

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