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This week, the Bright Maidens focused on dating and we were humbled by the response, once again! I appreciated support for my commitophobia, which is great because I had already decided to hang on to this quirk 🙂

This Tuesday we’ll discuss our patron saints: how they affect us, why we chose them, who else we have adopted over the years and more. Make sure you don’t miss it and LIKE us on Facebook here or over on the right here—>


I’m officially 24-years-old, even though I’ve been saying that for over 4 months. Something about 23 sounded off for me, so I skipped ahead a little early. I’m going to regret that in thirty years, I know.

I felt so loved (thank you, friends)!

What did I do for my birthday? All of my brain-saver breaks during the work day were spent looking at pictures of my baby cousins. Are they not the CUTEST?


Yes, it’s a little lame to direct a whole quick take to another post, but I wanted to make sure y’all saw the review for Jason and Crystalina Evert’s How to Find Your Soulmate.

The short version of this review is: you should buy it.

Marc Cardaronella (you think maybe he’s Italian?) is a blogger you need to add to your Google Reader. Not only has he been so kind as to plug the Bright Maidens, but he is very active on Twitter and on other blogs.

This week he posted something about a deep fear I have about parenthood titled, “Why Your Kids Won’t Stay Catholic.” Check it out!

A few weeks ago, I stumbled across a porn star. Whoops. 
Misleading Easter Bunny has nothing to do with Porn
I found her on Twitter and her story is sad, yet inspirational. Shelley Lubben was in the sex industry for years until she converted both her mind and her heart. 
This former porn star is now married to the son of a Christian pastor and spends her time warning the world of the dangers of this glorified industry.
I feel certain most of the people reading this do not support the porn industry, at least not publicly. 
If anyone who may have stumbled upon this blog because of this misleading picture I posted in this quick take… and you still think pornography is harmless, read some of these first hand accounts from sex industry workers. Warning: short, but graphic descriptions.


Not that I would intend to inspire jealousy in your hearts… but guess which city Jason Evert will be speaking in next week? That’s right, Richmond, Virginia.

I cannot wait!

I have a confession to make, y’all: I am so vain.
How vain is she? (Yes, I’ve seen that show)
I’m so vain that I feel the need to get a tan before the April wedding in which I will be a bridesmaid. Look at this picture (goofball me sent this to goofball bride a few months ago) and tell me I don’t need a tan in this dress.
I am half-Irish, one-quarter German, and one-quarter Italian. My skin is pinkish olive: not meant to be pale. I’m so vain that I spent an appalling amount of money on a month membership to a tanning bed.
Serves me right, I got a burn today.