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>A few weeks ago I mentioned Patrick Madrid’s book, 150 Bible Verses Every Catholic Should Know (Servant Books, 2008), in a post detailing the species and diameter of wood wedged in my eye.

My webcam took this… pretty rough, eh?

The short version of this review: Madrid does an excellent job of placing 150 verses of Sacred Scripture in front of you and simply explaining the meaning and significance of the verses. He moves from Old to New Testament in each chapter, lest we forget the importance of our Jewish roots. Simply put, this book makes you hunger for reading the Bible more often.

The long review would be an extensive look at Scared Scripture itself, because, after all, that is what he’s sharing. It is not a work of apologetics meant to defend the Faith but a small abridged Bible with commentary.

Madrid explicitly states in the introduction that A) he had a hard time leaving out some verses and B) this book only “scratches the surface” of what is available in Sacred Scripture. Catholics hear Scripture every time we celebrate the Mass, but most of us don’t spend a lot of time reading the Bible on our own (guilty). We should try to change this.

Catholics have the advantage of hearing consistent teachings, as preserved by the Church and passed on from Jesus and His apostles. This means we can go to a Catholic Church in any state or country and hear the same Gospel and readings along with the teachings of the Catechism (presuming it is in a language we can understand).

This doesn’t mean “that’s it.” That is not your only responsibility: there is a lot to be discovered (or rediscovered) in Jesus Christ in your life. How else can you pass on the passion for His Love than to learn more about it?