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I’m proud to say that on Tuesday, someone from Halifax, Nova Scotia landed on my blog by searching for Gilbert Blythe.


I’m befuddled to report that someone else landed on my “A hairy tortoise?” post by searching for “hairy tush.” Tsk, tsk, people.

(I don’t own the rights)

This is 2011. I’ve been wearing glasses since 2004. I think it’s about time I shovel out the cash for an alternative, so I’m getting contacts! I considered ordering some specialty contacts that blend in with the white of one’s eye, excepting the pupil.

That would attract some attention.


I don’t own the rights, God does.

On that subject, all optometrists should be as good looking as mine. You come in with fuzzy vision and POOF he fixes it and you’re looking at a wonderful example of God’s creation. 

And, if they can help it, they should also be as funny.

If you’re in Richmond and need an optometrist, consider Dr. Josh Shows with Precision EyeCare. The mundane chore of going to the eye doctor can be a fun hour!


“As you know, we treated each one of you as a father treats his children, exhorting and encouraging you and insisting that you conduct yourselves as worthy of the God who calls you into His kingdom and glory.” 1 Thessalonians 2:11-12
Adoption is a beautiful practice in our society. I cannot imagine the pain and frustration of trying and being unable to bear children. However, through the discernment and goodness of others, those who cannot physically get pregnant can become loving parents.

I don’t know Patty or Phil, but I’ve seen their advertisement in several Virginia local and university newspapers. They seem like very nice people when I read their blog, but as I don’t really know them, I am not endorsing them.

However, if there are any pregnant women or friends/family of pregnant women reading this blog, hello! Right now you may be in the tough position of being unmarried or unsure about the future of the baby. Please consider couples like Patty and Phil. There are hundreds of worthy couples nearby who want nothing more than to welcome your child into their home and family.

How many people can say they have spoken with one of their favorite authors? With gratitude, I had the opportunity to interview Rick Bragg for an article last summer. His writing is poignant, tight, and transcending and his speech is similar.
I was nervous and in awe throughout the entire conversation, tickled by his country Alabama accent. Yes, that nightmare came true: I said something ridiculous and stupid. He was good about it and I made it out alive.
For those with an e-reader, attack this website and download one of his books, All Over But the Shoutin.’ For those without an e-reader, here it is on Amazon.

Homeboy McCoy one-upped me on my own blog. It’s okay, I’ve recovered.

On my snigglets post (thanks, Jim!), the Punk To Monk writer suggested we create a word for “a male bff often mistaken for gay because he’s in religious formation.” Four minutes later, he had the answer: holysexual.
Here’s to all my holysexual brothers: thanks for being who you are.