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That was a fast week! We need more weeks like this: quick, happy, and peppered with 60 degree days… oh, my condolences to everyone not living in Central Virginia. That looks like one heck of a storm.


My brain is an alphabet soup of ADHD, made worse by my music habits. If there’s a song or band I like, I wear them out. I listen to a playlist filled with twenty songs over and over and over until I’m sick of it and then I move on.

(Screen shot from his website, I don’t own the rights)

A few artists have captured my hearing heart and I never get sick of them. This week I inducted Phil Wickham into that high Hall of Fame. Congratulations, sir! I could listen to you forever!

Bonus points that you’re a Christian singer that doesn’t sound lame! Alright!


What are you doing this summer? Me? I’m watching two of my dearest friends marry their lovely fiancés!

YOU could go to SPAIN! Yes, World Youth Day is this summer in Madrid. Here’s the English website outlining everything you’d need to know.

Go join a GAJILLION young people who are flocking to Madrid this summer to see Pope Benedict XVI. Witness the beauty of the young members of Christ’s Church together in one city!

Have you met Sr. Lisa? I haven’t, but we are both Tweeple who like tweeting about God.
She is the coolest and most social media-savvy nun I have ever seen! On top of that, she writes beautifully on her blog, nunspeak.
If you’re wondering about a religious vocation, there’s no need to be afraid. Hop onto her blog and just absorb. She’s a gentle woman who is on fire for her faith and vocation. This grouping, in particular, is worth reading, right now. No, really, go do it. Now.
(I don’t own the rights)
This one is for seniors in college and recent graduates. Is God calling you to a year of formation? 
I think God is calling all of us to a long period of formation, but you may have the opportunity (and the call) to spend an intense year getting to know Him and those who may most need His guidance: teens.
Prayerfully discern and consider applying to work as a missionary with Life Teen at one of their camps. Here is the information, take a minute and see if this is a step God may be calling you to take.
I’m a week behind in my training, but I’m going to run in the Richmond Ukrop’s 10k on April 2. I haven’t started panicking… yet.
How convenient that the lovely Lisa Schmidt at The Practicing Catholic wrote about her very impressive completion of a 20k race last year! As soon as I finish this post, I’m going to the gym. I promise…
The article explains how she hit several rough patches, including the tragic loss of her father, but persevered with this verse in mind: “Let us run with perseverance the race that is set before us” (Hebrews 12:1)
If you’ve been reading my blog for a few weeks, you may remember my Emil Daddy, my wonderful aunt, and the other pile of poo my family has faced. PU.
Well, now my Gramma needs prayers… I’m beginning to wonder: Is there ever a time period of life when you’re not looking over your shoulder or organizing insurance/hospital/other confusing paper work?
Even if the answer is “No, sorry. This is how it is,” I’m grateful to know there is a balance of GOOD accompanying all the bad. Praise Him that the ultimate goal is good, too!