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I’m doing this one in story format for the first few:

God has already used Emil Daddy‘s life and death to save someone else. My Gramma (other side of the family and the only other grandparent I’ve ever had) has been in a nursing home and rehab center for the last few weeks because her lumbar collapsed.

Yes, that’s right, my dad stepped on a crack and broke his mother’s back.

(photo from http://www.aquamedicine.no/)

The doctors went in there, squirted some cement between her vertebra, and she started healing nicely… until she caught the Norovirus that has taken over the nursing homes in Richmond. After two days of constant sickness, she seemed to be getting better when the vomiting stopped.


Keeping in mind how much we missed visiting my grandfather and how we wished we had gone to visit him more often, my sister and I decided to brave the Noro and visit her.

The woman we saw in that bed was half dead from severe dehydration and if we weren’t there to notice it, she would have died. Her nurse was not pulling any muscles to help her, even when we arranged to get her to the hospital. Molasses RN.

Gramma, when she was feeling better.

If anyone reading this has a loved one, in the hospital or not, that you haven’t seen in a while: A) go visit him or her. Do it. Today. B) be an advocate and don’t worry about bothering the people who are paid to help them.

If we hadn’t questioned their assessment, as illustrated by her sitting in a chair and not looking at my Gramma… I would have lost my other grandparent a week after I lost Emil Daddy.

Regarding the picture here… she is a hoot. She doesn’t drink, but she does make us laugh.


Baby A was the loud one, but after they cleaned her, she was an angel.

I have new twin cousins! Take a look! To the beautiful baby girls: we have been waiting for you for a long time! You have a wonderful grandmother who will keep her eye on you throughout your life. Welcome to the world!

There is no patron saint of twins, apparently, but St. Scholastica and St. Benedict were twins and very important members of the Church. So: St. Scholastica and St. Benedict, pray for us!

Baby B is the quiet, calm one…so far.


My sisters have discovered a show they love: Dream Home. I don’t always have the patience for home improvement shows, but they adore them.

(I do not own the rights)

The show was a season-long look at building a house in the mountains in Vermont (does that not sound riveting?). The show creators are giving away this house to a contest winner. It really is a beautiful home and it sparked a question: could you see yourself living there?

My answer is HECK YES, but not right now. If I’m going to live miles and miles from people, I would live in the mountains and nowhere else.

Yep, we applied for the contest. Did you have to ask?
Today brought one of those “Wow, God – You are sneaky and awesome.” I love those because they hit me hard without notice.