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**Thanks to Joel and Lisa Ann Schmidt at The Practicing Catholic for the plug! They listed me as one of 7 Catholic blogs to read in the new year! I’m truly humbled.**

I forgot today was Friday… I’m on vacation this week (Alleluia! Praise God for waking up at 10:00 everyday!). It’s a little bittersweet for the following reason:


I’ve never liked the winter. Being cold is miserable and I’m no fan of dry skin. I dislike it even more after winter canceled my flight to Lisbon. You can read about what happened here, but basically: the American economy gets my money this New Year’s Eve. Sorry, Portugal. I know you’re hurting.

More apologies to my good friends who I will not get to see. I hope you have a wonderful time!

Traveling has its risks of danger, misfortune, and, most commonly, stress. There were some peeved people pacing at the gate as we heard the flight cancellation news. As airports are my 3rd favorite place in the world because they are a people watching feast, I perked my ears and heard some stories. 
Suzie was in Richmond for Christmas, visiting her boyfriend’s family. She had been waiting for days to get back to her precious NYC and away from what had become a black hole on the map. Mr. Business Man was used to the cancellation pattern and was relieved that he could join his family for the day instead of flying north. Several other people just had panic in their eyes.
1. I love traveling, especially the screw ups because it allows me to gather characters for my imagination bank as I people-watch. 
2. God bestowed upon me plenty of grace as my own panic should have set in. Before I left the airport, it was pretty clear that it didn’t make sense to take the delayed flight. This meant missing out on a reunion I have been awaiting for more than a year.
A few weeks ago the nation was blowing up over the new TSA flight security measures and I stayed out of the debate. I’m still unsure which side to join, but I do know this:
It was embarrassing to step into that Plexiglas cylinder. I made efforts to convince myself that the people who were reviewing my image had been sitting in the same room all day, just looking at x-ray after x-ray. How much do I really matter?
Nevertheless, that person in the room saw a black and white version of me, naked. I don’t like it.