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>There is a distinct difference between “good art” and art. Conveniently, the literary and art world has set up an elite system to figure out the difference. On many occasions I buy into this system because I really think “good art” sustains itself over generations.

However, if you can enjoy the same books and movies dozens of times without getting sick of them, you’ve stumbled upon your own definition of good art. That’s nothing to be ashamed of! Below is my no holds barred list of books I have read at least 5 times and movies of which I will never get tired. If I wanted to impress you, I’d share classic literature titles and indie movies….. It’s good to know what you like, isn’t it?


*Ella Enchanted – Haven’t heard of it? That’s because it’s written for 5th grade girls. I haven’t read it in several years, but I was at least 16 the last time I read this. Good, romantic, fantasy stories never get old.

*Pride and Prejudice – Yes, I’m a girl. Sue me.

From the Screwtape Letters play I saw in NYC!
*Persuasion – This is my favorite Austen novel because it shows how long love lasts when you don’t abandon it.
*The Screwtape Letters – A new lesson learned each time I read it. If you haven’t read this, what’s wrong with you? Go to get it!
*The Bible — I’ve heard this several times… but I have never read it from cover to cover in one fell swoop.
*Any Little House on the Prairie book – These are stories about the richest people on Earth. Often it seems like it would be easier to live like good people if we had as little and if life was as hard as it was for this family. It’s all relative, so we should make just as much effort and be just as loving as the Ingalls.

*The Lord of the Flies – We all turn on Simon every once in a while, just as we turn on the Holy Trinity. It’s helpful to remind ourselves about darkness, too.

P.S. – I just found this site called Catholic Fiction: jackpot!


*“Indian Summer” – Chances are you haven’t heard of this, but it’s a great movie (with shaky morality) about our childhood expectations for adulthood. When we reach adulthood, those expectations can haunt us or motivate us. Oh! And it takes place in Canada. Win-win.

*“Sound of Music” – Doe, a deer, a female deer. Ray, a drop of golden suuuuuuuuuuun!

*Seven Brides for Seven Brothers – AKA, 7b47b. What’s not to love about a group of rugged, singing, dancing brothers in Oregon Territory, 19th century?

*“Meet Me in St. Louis” – I already mentioned this once.

*“Calendar Girls” – Anglophile here, so this movie gives me the right dose of British accents and English countryside. It’s also an interesting story about a bunch of moms who take their clothes off to buy a couch, so it’s a crowd pleaser.

*“What Dreams May Come” – Beautiful images in a beautiful story. Who cares if it’s accurate or not? It makes me bawl every time I watch it.