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I’m no Gleek, but Finn is my new “celebrity” crush (Finn’s character, I know nothing about the actor). He’s such a nice guy, I love his voice (of course), and I … really applaud God’s work with that kid. Typical me: he’s Canadian. I should have known because he reminds me of Gilbert Blythe, my literary crush.

I haven’t raved much about Canada on this blog, but it’s a joke in my family: Oh Canada, you put a spell on me.


We needed a movie with a good message:

A Walk In My Shoes – 2:33 TRLR from Moms4FamilyTV.com on Vimeo.


You may have noticed that I added a new blog to my roll over there: From Punk to Monk is a blog written by “Homeboy McCoy,” a self-proclaimed former “punk.” He was in the fast lane as a musician and heard God’s call to become a monk. He has a great voice (I have it on good authority that he has an MFA in creative writing) and some powerful insight.

Help a brother out…

Warning: Shameless self-promotion below (that’s not true, I’m feeling plenty of shame for this):

I have another site and it features my jewelry business. As soon as I lasso some time, I will make some winter-friendly jewelry, but there are plenty of pieces on there.

My friends and family make fun of me because “Elizabeth changes her mind at least once a week” (as my cousin said Wednesday night). Jewelry making (not so much jewelry wearing, actually), drawing, painting, writing, reading, swimming, kids, God, Catholicism, and more — I have a lot of passions. I can’t help it.

As I mentioned last week, my class reunited at our 5-year high school reunion on Saturday. I loved seeing my former classmates and I had a great night out! We hopped around to a few bars, though I only planned on going to the first.

Let’s just say I wasn’t missing anything by not knowing the boys at the guy’s school… I’m sure some of them are very nice and good guys (I met several), but overall… I wasn’t missing much.

I am a terrible test-taker. I have always been a terrible test-taker. I will not go into my list of reasons why tests are terrible ways to measure aptitude. Last night, I took the GRE in preparation for applying for grad school… ouch.

I scored significantly higher on the math section. And yes, you remember correctly. I’m applying to ENGLISH graduate programs.

Some of the math questions gave the option to say, “Hey! There isn’t enough info here to determine this!”

I wish the verbal section had that option. “Hey! I read a lot, but apparently never came across this word in my 2 decades of literacy. Give me a break, huh?”

I’m going to be a bridesmaid! You know that old “always a bridesmaid, never a bride” bit? Not me. I have been excited about being a bridesmaid forever. Yes, there is some responsibility and there will be some challenges to juggle, but I’m light on my feet and quick to solve problems. I’m so honored that my friend chose me to be with her up there on a big catalytic day in her life!