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I’ve received a lot of support from friends and even from people who don’t know me this week after the sudden loss of my family member. I am very blessed.


Just like many out there, this was a busy week, so this will be a very short Friday post. We were surprised on Sunday with the passing of my great aunt. Her faith was so strong and unshakable, I hope to honor it and emulate it for the rest of my life.


Jesus was a saint, sort of.

They looked a lot like this. How generous!

My wonderful boss was kind and thoughtful enough to send a beautiful arrangement of flowers to a man he doesn’t know from Adam, my recently widowed great uncle. He is the best boss a person could hope for, as seen through this simple but enormous gesture. God bless him.


I am really grateful I don’t like pie. Thanksgiving comes around and my picky eating habits save me from a lot of pain and belt buckle loosening. Believe me, I certainly ate enough, but I could have gained 20 pounds today if I was a less picky eater.


After I finish this, I’m going to finish my personal statement for grad school. If I can brush my shoulders off (I am never going to let go of that phrase): I think it’s going to wow them. It sums up with an ode to Wordsworth’s “Ode” (my favorite), comparing the sentiment of working toward God in this life to working toward the reachable depth of knowledge through the study and discussion of literature. Booya (again, this is staying with me).


You should see how many little scraps of paper I have next to me right now. I’m a scraps-o-paper jotter-downer (I love the English language) and I am sitting next to a whole pile full of ideas for future posts. This week has been quite an interruption and a time for love and familial support. I will hop back on the efficiency train soon, but for now, I’m spending some time with my family, my prayers, and the Holy Trinity. Thanks for reading!