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>”Is Jesus a saint?”

I asked my first graders this when we were learning about the community of saints.

“Yes, no, maybe so?” was the response.

Go ahead and form your own answer. G’head.

Later that night I posed the same question to a group of friends and my wise friend said that yes, He is. The definition of a saint is someone who is in heaven… this we know of Jesus. This means Jesus is a part of the community of saints and he is above the community of saints, as God. 100% man, 100% God.

I have to be honest, I didn’t think of this. I like to think it’s because I was trying to translate the messages into 6-year-oldese, but he’s exactly right. It’s another wonderful relationship we have with God and I am grateful for it!

I told the first graders that He wasn’t a saint as a segue into a review of the Holy Trinity. They made me proud: “Father, son and Holy Trinity, I mean Holy Speereet.”

We both come to some new clarity today: I realized I have another connection to Christ and they remembered some details about the Holy 3-in-1. Yay for learning!