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>God knows what He’s doing…. and He didn’t call me to FOCUS. That was the elusive opportunity that I was referring to in the last few weeks. I was really excited by the idea of ministering and evangelizing (this is such a scary word. I really consider it “talking” to people about things that we’re passionate about. I happen to be passionate about Christ) on a college campus somewhere in the U.S.

But like I said, He knows what He’s doing and those weeks between applying for FOCUS and waiting to hear back woke me up. They suspended me in my plan, which, as my dear friends and family can tell you, changes A LOT.


I miss school. SCHOOL: writing papers, getting in academic discussions/debates, reading, pulling all-nighters. I miss learning from professors who have made knowledge their life. My shape-shifting plan over the last few years has gone from pursuing a masters in English lit, a masters in physical therapy, an MBA, a masters in creative writing, a masters in arts management, and probably about a dozen striations in other directions.

(I don’t own the rights)

My plans are like Gak: it looks like it could dry into a cement you could walk on, but then you squish your finger into it. EWWWWWWWWWWW hehehehehe. Nope, there she goes again.

Two years ago I steered away from the plan of getting a humanities graduate degree because I figured I need to think about practicality. Also, I wasn’t confident in my potential as a professor. Working with TOB teens (all 5 of them!) and my first graders has been some of the most fun I’ve had this fall. And college students are basically really tall 6-year-olds, right?

Many, many topics grab my attention and passion; I hate having to choose.

I’m working my way down this post, trying to decide if I want to conclude with “so I’m going to get a X degree!” Nope, I still can’t decide. I’m going to stick with a list and I’m sorry that I’ve used you to get my ideas out in this platform.

*Master of Arts in English Lit
*Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing
*Dual MA/MFA degree
*PhD in English Lit
*Change my mind once more