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See if you can guess my pattern here.


Here we go, once again… Just as the leaves took forever to turn rusty colors… my inevitable autumn sickness took forever to turn its ugly head. I don’t want to siphon all the blame onto my 1st graders…but they are probably the Mary to my Typhoid. Watch out people, the stomach flu is out there and it is kicking and screaming all the way home.


Home handcuffed me to the sick bed and I managed to keep that stomach flu to myself! No one in my family got sick, which is a true miracle. You know who you are and I love you, but some people in my family pick up more colds and flus than mess around the house…. I guess I could be pointing that at all members of my lovely family. Family, forgive me for this.


This is the weekend. I am going to conquer this digital stack of graduate school applications and I’m going to conquer it good. Call me Joan of Arc, my weapon is my keyboard.


Keyboard (more likely a piano), guitar, drums, base, and a beautiful voice. Those are the weapons of choice for many a talented musician. I am in awe of anyone with musical talent, but one of my favorite Christian musicians is Phil Wickham. Tis the season and this wonderful man just released his Christmas CD! This is a CHRISTmas CD, so check it out! It’s almost Christmas!!


Christmas movies are really failing us. How many new Christmas movies, versus “holiday” movies, have you seen lately? This is one of those typical complaints that is easy to make and easy to get people to agree with, but why can’t we come up with another movie that makes us feel the way It’s a Wonderful Life makes us feel? How hard can that be?


Be merry and full of turkey, mashtayders, caohrn, peeaz, cRANburry sawce, rolls, ham biskuhts (if you’re lucky enough to be from Virginia), pAAHHHHH, and family in one week!

(Did you catch the pattern?)