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First, I want to welcome anyone who is visiting my blog. There are a TON of excited Catholics out there and it’s really wonderful to read all of the advice-filled, God-directed and loving material on Catholic blogs. If you found mine, I’m really honored you stopped by to read the 7 Quick Takes!
As this is my first 7 Quick Takes on my young blog, I want to thank Jennifer Fulweiler, though she doesn’t know me from Eve. I’ve been reading her blog for more than a year and following her entertaining tweets (Yaya, oh Yaya) for longer. Just the other week, I made it a priority to brag to everyone with whom I spoke (that is such a snooty English rule) that THE Jennifer Fulweiler tweeted to me. She tweeted to ME (and , , , MaryChapman). That was a good day.

I got some very exciting news yesterday, but I have to keep it to myself for a few reasons… let’s just say that God may have opened an opportunity for me to do His work and grow closer to him in one fell swoop. Woot!
My younger sister, next in line for the crown, the mid-kid, the cool one, the tall beauty… my sister is almost in the clear after the semester from you-know-where. Thesis, part-time job, another part-time job as music minister for the Catholic Campus Ministry, directing a play at a medium-large sized university, applying for a Fulbright, applying for jobs an internships to follow her December graduation, and let’s not forget that she’s still taking classes: this is just another year in the over-achiever’s repertoire. She usually handles stress well, but her patience has been put through the battering ram with a year-old back injury. 
The great news is that she already got an internship offer! Otherwise, her thesis is due right before the play opens and the Fulbright process climaxes at some point in the near future. I guess stress will peak soon, but on the other side is nothing but graduation and relaxation… right? Prayers would be appreciated :).
Today I listened to the Catholic Guy Show for the first time. I know, where did I find a rock big enough to hide my attention from that show? No excuses, I’ve followed Lino on Twitter for a while, I just never got around to listening to him. If you haven’t checked it out yet, I feel better, but you should take an hour to hear from a group of really funny Catholics with grounded perspectives.
To the weather in Virginia: please make up your mind. I know it is your way; you’re a big tease. But I am starting to freeze when it drops below 70 degrees and that makes people laugh at me. Pick a season and stick to it.
Speaking of weather, I would like to remind anyone that it is about that time to make sure your coat will make it through the winter. I’ve had the same coat for years. It’s purple, which I LOVED, but it’s very unflattering. I justified spending a little extra on my new coat with the old “I’ll keep it forever” standby. Not such a shabby excuse to fall back on, considering how long I’ve had the Barney the Dinosaur coat. I’ll just spend a little time this weekend cleaning out our coat closets and give the Barney and other warm wear to those who need it more than my closet.